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About SmartDev

SmartDev is a leading provider of global software solutions. SmartDev was established in 2014  and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Verysell Technologies Group (Switzerland).

SmartDev combines renowned Swiss quality with the Vietnamese passion to provide excellence and value.  SmartDev brings together smart people both internally and externally to create partnerships that push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

As part of SmartDev’s aggressive growth plan we are looking to expand our development team SmartDev ( offers tailor-made mobile apps and websites with the most popular frontend and back-end technologies.



Blockchain Integration: 

  • Design and implement blockchain solutions, smart contracts, and decentralized applications (dApps) for gaming platforms. 
  • Collaborate with game developers and designers to integrate blockchain functionalities into existing and new games. 
  • Ensure the compatibility of blockchain technology with different gaming platforms and systems. 
  • Smart Contract Development: 
  • Develop, deploy, and maintain smart contracts that govern in-game assets, transactions, and player interactions. 
  • Conduct code reviews and ensure smart contract security, efficiency, and optimization. 
  • Troubleshoot and debug smart contract issues to maintain a stable and reliable gaming environment. 
  • Gaming NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens): 
  • Implement NFT standards for in-game assets, collectibles, and virtual items. 
  • Create and manage tokenomics for in-game assets, including rarity, supply, and distribution. 
  • Enable trading and exchange of gaming NFTs within and outside the game ecosystem. 
  • Blockchain Network Management: 
  • Manage and maintain blockchain nodes, networks, and infrastructure to ensure smooth operations. 
  • Monitor blockchain performance, security, and scalability, proposing necessary upgrades and improvements. 

Security and Auditing: 

  • Conduct security audits on smart contracts and gaming systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks. 
  • Implement best practices for data privacy, encryption, and authentication to safeguard user information. 
  • Research and Innovation: 
  • Stay updated with the latest trends, advancements, and emerging technologies in the blockchain and gaming industries. 
  • Explore innovative ways to enhance gameplay, user experience, and community engagement through blockchain integration. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field. 
  • Experience working as a Blockchain Developer or a similar role in the IT department. 
  • Experience in working with various types of cryptography to secure data. 
  • Good understanding of data structures and algorithms. 
  • Knowledge of cybersecurity guidelines and protocols. 
  • Good understanding and knowledge of cyberattacks. 
  • Ability to solve complex problems efficiently. 
  • Ability to manage and handle multiple tasks. 
  • English communication skill 


  • Fringe benefits (20 leave days/ Kindergarten & lunch allowance) 
  • Yearly career/ performance evolution 
  • Premium Extra Healthcare Insurance 
  • A flat organization (respect, teamwork, flexibility, transparency) 
  • 13th salary bonus/ competitive salary 
  • Cutting-edge technologies/ Scrum methodology/ Agile development 
  • Udemy/ LeAcademy/ English training course 
  • Great activities (Team Building, Company Trip, Weekly Happy Friday, …)

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